Great credit to Steve Brackenridge that he relished the opportunity and picked just...

Richard Harris

We are absolutely certain we made the right choice in choosing the Brackenridge team.

Hamish & Robyn Alexander

We love our house, we think it's the best house in the world.

Colin & Lindy Leuschke

The integrity & competence of your management and personnel is a credit to your...

Robert J Giboney

Your team embraced the challenges and quickly understood what we wanted...

Brendon & Katrina Thomas

This takes craftsmanship and the result is outstanding....

Barry & Christina Cairns

Brackenridge Builders can be trusted to be responsive and creative in developing top....

Clyde & Farida Cooper

We particularly enjoyed the Brackenridge team's attention to detail....

Brent & Debbie Forman

premium quality award winning construction

With over 25 years experience in turning architects and owners dreams into reality,

we know what it takes to deliver a successful project.  

great design, the best people, uncompromising standards.