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recycled hardwood wharf piles and plastered blocks provide drama and contrast in this modern open plan design and challenged the team on site, the result was a gold reserve award in the 2005 master builders house of the year competition. Situated on the edge of sandspit estuary, features of this striking home include a swimming pool, tennis court, exterior fireplace and solar heating. THREE BEDROOMS AND A SEPARATE GUEST WING MAXIMIZE SPACE AND PRIVACY.




Architect:  Strachan Group

My wife Christina and I had the recent experience of building a new home for the second time in our lives only this time the building site was an hour from where we were living which meant that we had to rely on the site foreman more than usual.

Our house was totally unique in the fact that it incorporated a lot of very large recycled hardwood beams and as these are totally irregular in every sense the builders managed to cut in all the surrounding timbers to make it look natural, This takes craftsmanship and the result is astounding.

The other factor that we have been happy about is that like all new buildings there can be something which may not work and it is how these issues have been handled that make Brackenridge Builders stand out as they have always acted promptly to remedy these issues.

Recently we had over 500 people through our home when we made it available for a fund raising cause for the local Hospice. At the end of the day we had many of the people come back for a second visit and they asked a lot of questions about the design and who the builder was.

We love our house.

Barry & Christina Cairns