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Dickey House

Architect:  Leuschke Group

Invest in quality as it will stand the test of time:

When we decided to build on this property we asked many a resident in Omaha: Who could build a quality home that has a reputation that goes before them and would not want to tarnish this reputation while contracting to a fixed price?

Many a beach house owner suggested Brackenridge Builders. After a Tender process we contracted Brackenridge Builders and are so pleased that we found the quality of workmanship from the Brackenridge Staff and subcontractors to be of distinguished quality. 

Our innovative architect Lindy Leuschke and the Brackenridge project team Tony and Chris just made it happen.

We love our house: the design, functionality, the workmanship and the quality.

If I was to recommend a Builder that looks after the customer long after the finishing date it would be this builder. They do stand with unequivocal pride behind their product.

“How well the fundamental factors of how a company operates are adhered to will make the difference in the finished product.”

Don’t accept anything or anyone less.


David & Julie Dickey