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hauturu, named after little barrier island which dominates the horizon, offers panoramic views of omaha beachfront and the outer gulf. designed by leuschke group architects for owners colin and lindy leuschke, it is the third house completed by brackenridge builders for them. hauturu is a fusion of concrete, steel, cedar and glass that offers split floor levels and spacious open plan living, with a gallery linking the main living area with the guest suite and entry. The success of the final result reflects the long working relationship between the clients and brackenridge.


Architect:  Leuschke Group

Colin and I bought this site 3 years ago, and while we always knew Brackenridge Builders was going to build it, it was never straightforward. Like all owners, we wanted more than we could afford, and Steve had to quietly let us know the cost realities. There was over a year of designing, costing, redesigning, re-costing, redesigning and more re-costing! Then we committed ourselves, drew up a contract and gave Steve the go ahead. Steve, one day, informed me that Scott was going to be the foreman. We hadn't expected this, having never worked with Scott before as a foreman! We have found Scott to be thoughtful, careful, has the highest standards, keeps a very tidy site, exudes calm, instills great work ethic in the other builders and we think he is fantastic!

All of the Brackenridge subcontractors have done a great job again! The care, thoughtfulness and organisation by all of you is superb. Clare, Tony and Steve have all been a joy to work with.

We love our house - we think it's the best house in the world and we thank you all for your contribution.

Colin and Lindy Leuschke