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Omaha's first commercial development could have been a conventional precast concrete structure, instead this invovative design by leuschke group reflects is beach environment with a light and open steel structure supported by precast concrete surfboards. This turnkey project was completed on time in five months.

Omaha Commercial

Architect:  Leuschke Group

For the construction of this commercial block of shops at Omaha timing was of critical importance. The tenants needed to occupy their premises before the Xmas holidays.

To achieve this we required a builder who could follow a critical path with precision. Brackenridge Builders and their subcontractors executed magnificently.

Brackenridge Builders  submitted a price based on the preliminary  architectural drawings. To expedite the construction  we entered an open book contract with a fixed sum for P + G and  a fixed price margin. Quotes from  subcontractors were submitted and agreed as construction proceeded. With a collaborative team  effort Brackenridge Builders meet every target.

the End result was a very happy owner, pleased tenants and an  aesthetically pleasing shopping complex which adds another valuable amenity to Omaha Beach.

Brackenridge Builders are to be congratulated on the competent and professional manner in which they completed the project. I highly recommend them.

David Winstone